Is your Girl Thanksgiving Dinner, Material?

Thanksgiving is the time people go back to their home town and have a get together with all their family and friends. It’s a time to just sit back and have fun, celebrate with the whole family, down to grandma and grandpa to little Johnny. But the question is: can your girl handle your family? Even with all their loveable, funny and weird quirks?

Here are the key indicators. When the time of celebrations is over and everyone has said their goodbyes and is now back to their own lives, she says she wants to discuss:

Your Uncle’s “refined” table manners and etiquette
Everyone is sitting down at the table, bowing their heads as grandma says grace, it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, then you hear a loud *prrrt* sound. Everyone is baffled what the sound was, then it hit them (and by it, I meant the smell) it was your Uncle Fred that let it rip.

  • Good Sign: She just laughed it off, and said “I can do better than that!” then farted that would put your uncle to shame.

  • Bad Sign: She just frowns and says she never wants to sit next to good old Uncle Fred again.

Your family’s food consumption

It’s just the 3rd course; there are still 2 more until the main course then dessert and everyone is eating like it’s their last meal.

  • Good Sign: She loosens her belt and eats like the rest of you.

  • Bad Sign: She doesn’t even finish the 1st course, disappointing your mother since she worked so hard on that meal.

Your family’s “bonding” time

Dinners finished and everyone’s head to the living room to watch the game. Your dad and older brothers are all shouting at the referee because of some bad calls. Every stinks of beer and snacks are flying everywhere.

  • Good Sign: She also glued to the t.v. watching the game closely. She cheers for her team as loudly as the other guys, and she’s just like one of the guys.

  • Bad Sign: She just sits in the corner of the sofa without saying a single word while frowning the rest of the night.

I highly recommend that you bring your girl along, well that is if you guys just started dating and you don’t think she can handle meeting the family. So if she just flips out about your family’s funny and weird antics, I think you’re in for a tough time, but if she finds your family’s quirks as loveable and adorable kind of way, then you got yourself a keeper.