What to do and what not to do to win over your love interests

Typically if you’re in to online dating remember what grandma used to tell you? Just be yourself, make sure your profile picture isn’t far from reality and describe yourself honestly but according to a new online dating study by OkCupid’s OkTrends blog there are a few cheats you can do to make you look more interesting and less creepy. 

Speak smartly (even if you’re not) – Act as if you accelerated 3 years in high school and change your profile of references that makes it obvious that the only informative website you know is 9gag. Also, evident spelling errors and grammar is a total NO NO. 

Avoid compliments – especially praises regarding physical attributes if you don’t want to be mistaken as a maniac. It gives the impression that you’re just into her pants and not her heart. Avoid comments leading to the “You’re hot!” or “Your boobs look great” statements.

Be irresistable – Pretend like every one of them is interested in someone like you. Show them something they’ve never seen before without crossing the line. Make them never forget you with your wit and charm.

Take it easy – Don’t be in a rush. Make yourself used to the chatting spree via anonymous dating sites first before dropping the bomb. People who begs for a date on the first chat leaves a creepy impression.

Share a piece of yourself – Don’t hesitate talking about your interests no matter how weird they may be. You’ll never know? She might know more about Game of Thrones than you do. It’s all about good communication which can lead to a better foundation. 

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